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  • App Submission

  • I am a broker/publisher/marketing agent. Can I submit an app on behalf of my developer?

    Yes, you can submit an app on behalf of the app developers or app owners you represent. You may be asked for proof of authorization.

  • How do I submit my app?

    Please sign into your Dashboard, click “Submit” and navigate to the “Project Creation” section. Follow the steps and provide the required information. For more details, please check out this video tutorial: 


  • How do I get my app translated into Chinese?

    Once you have submitted the app and it has been reviewed and given a green light, you will see a new upload box called ‘Language Pack Upload’ on your Dashboard specifically for your app. You simply need to provide your app title, description and content in English in a spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers or other spreadsheet file format) and upload it via that box. Within 48 hours, you can check your Dashboard again for the translated pack. Next, you have to incorporate the Simplified Chinese content into your app and make sure that the app title is shown on the mobile screen. Then please submit the new APK via your Dashboard for a second review. For more details, please check out this video tutorial:


  • How do I upload my app again?

    After you have the translated the app title, content, etc. of your app and completed SDK integration, you should upload your app again for final review and testing. If everything is approved, your app will be ready for publishing. You simply need to sign into your Dashboard, navigate to your project and click “Edit” for App Specifications. There will be a new upload box for you to upload your app again.

  • How do I change my app submission details?

    1. Sign into the APPTUTTi Partner Resources Portal:

    2. In your dashboard, navigate to My App List -> Details.

    3. Click “Edit” below the App details section that you would like to update the submission details for.

    4. Click on “Save Changes” after you have updated the app details.

  • Why can’t I submit my app?

    Please check that you meet the following requirements:

    1. Do you have a registered account as APPTUTTi’s partner?

    2. Have you activated your APPTUTTi partner account?

    3. Have you filled in all the compulsory fields for your app submission?

    4. You will NOT be able to upload an APK file that is more than 400MB.

  • How do I check status of my submission?

    1. You can check your app submission status by signing into the APPTUTTi Partner Resources Portal:

    2. In your dashboard, navigate to My App List -> Details.

    3. The status of your app submission can be found in your App List.

  • How will I be notified of my submission status?

    You will be notified of your app submission status via email.

  • SuperSDK Integration

  • Do you have detailed SDK documentation? Where can I find it?

    The detailed SDK documentation can be found by downloading the relevant SuperSDK from the partner resources portal.

    1. Sign into the APPTUTTi Partner Resources Portal:

    2. In the Download page, click on the link for the SuperSDK that you would like to download.

    3. Extract the downloaded zip file

    4. The SDK documentation can be found inside the extracted folder in a PDF format.

  • Can APPTUTTi help me with the complete SDK integration instead?

    APPTUTTi is pleased to help you complete the SDK integration. Please refer to the Professional Services section of the Partner Resources Portal for more details.

  • Why do I need to integrate SDK for my app?

    This is because the SDK is the middleware to connect your APK with the China stores’ channels and equip your app with the necessary features or functions that meet local requirements. Thus if the SDK was not integrated in your app, your app would not be able to use local login, sharing, payment and statistics functions in China. Furthermore, your app would be prohibited from publication in China.

  • Which SuperSDK should I use for my app?

    We will send you an email notification informing you about the specific SuperSDK version suitable for the SDK integration of your particular app.

    Alternatively, you can utilize our “Quick SDK Selector” feature found on our DOWNLOAD page for quick assistance.

  • What are the purposes of the SuperSDK?

    Currently, there are many versions of SDKs available for the various app stores in China. Our SuperSDK consolidates all of necessary features and functions required in China for all of the app stores which allows overseas developers to integrate the SDK into their app in a smoother and more effective manner.

  • Will I get assistance when I face issue(s) during the SDK integration?

    Yes, for sure. If you encounter any issues during the integration of your app with the SuperSDK, please contact our technical support team via For each app or project, you have access to free Integration Support services consisting of 20x support emails. 

    In your query, please indicate the following information along with the the issue(s) that you encountered while performing the integration process:


    2. App Title

    3. Project ID

  • How do I integrate the SuperSDK?

    Please download the SuperSDK from the APPTUTTi Partner Resources Portal. You will find the integration guide in a PDF format after you have extracted the content out of the downloaded zip file. The integration progress can be found inside the PDF file.

  • What are the requirements for using SuperSDK?

    Make sure that you have met the following requirements before you perform the SuperSDK integration process:

    1. Register a partner account via the Partner Resources Portal and submit a valid app. You will then receive a Project ID, generated by our system, for your submitted app.

    2. Your app file must come in Simplified Chinese in relation to its app title, description and content.

    3. Only after your app has been approved and after you receive an email notification regarding the AppIDs, Keys and PayCodes being ready for your app, will you be able to perform the SDK integration.

  • Which platforms do the SuperSDK support?

    The current series of SuperSDK supports apps running on Android only.

  • Can I use in-app purchases along with advertising in my app?

    Both In-app purchases and Banner Advertising is NOT allowed in the same app. An app is allowed to support EITHER In-App Purchases or Banner Ads. Please delete the advertising feature of your app if it consists of Overseas Ads banners and integrate the advertising feature which comes with our SuperSDK instead. Please note that you cannot use advertising and in-app purchase features at the same time.

  • How do I generate an Android APK?

    Please follow the following steps if you are using Eclipse:


    Right Click and select Android Tools -> Export Signed Application APK Package.

    Click Next and enter the path for your KeyStore document. (The screenshot provided above is based on the KeyStore document in APPTUTTi)

    Click Next and enter the password.

    Choose the path to generate the APK:


  • How do I generate the KeyStore document?

    Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories.

    Right Click Command prompt and then click Run as administrator.


    Enter the path of the JDK’s bin for your project.


    Execute the following script:

    KeyTool -GenKey -alias android.KeyStore -keyalg RSA -validity 20000 -KeyStore Android.KeyStore

    Provide the answer based on your current situation:

    Open the bin folder in your JDK directory and you will be able to find the android.keystore which was generated by the script you executed earlier.

    Please note that the password for the KeyStore is the password that you entered while the KeyStore was generated.

  • Why does my app keep crashing after integration?

    If your app keeps crashing after the integration, please send the following details to us via

    1. Project ID

    2. App Title

    3. Error Screen(s) Captured

    4. APK generated by the compiler

    5. The model details of the equipment you used to perform the test

    6. The log file which was generated from the crash

  • What are the supported development environments for the SuperSDK?

    The supported development environments for the SuperSDK are Unity3D, Android Studio and Eclipse.

  • Why do I see the following error when executing the AutoTools.bat?

    This happens if your app has not been assigned the relevant AppIDs, Keys and/or PayCodes. You should perform the SDK integration only after you have received an email notification about this.

  • Why do I see the following error when executing the AutoTools.bat?

    This happens if the APK package name provided on the path is different from what you had sent us earlier during the initial stage. This package name must be identical under the same project. Please contact us via for details. 

  • Is the SuperSDK supported if my project is developed with Android Studio?

    Yes, the SuperSDK can be integrated using Android Studio.

  • How do I export my project into an Android project?

    Please follow the following steps if your project is developed in Eclipse:

    Click on File -> Import, then Next.


    Choose the path where you would like your project to be saved.


    Click Finish.



    *Please note that UnityCode360_BAIDU_AD is just an example from APPTUTTi, the path to use depends on your development machine.

  • Do you have any video tutorials for SDK integration?

    Please review our tutorial guides for Unity Engine and Android Engine.

  • What are the features of the SuperSDK (Freemium with In-App Purchases)?

    The features of this SuperSDK include various login, sharing, payment gateways, user behavioral data collection, etc.

  • What are the features of the SuperSDK (Freemium with Ads)?

    The features of this SuperSDK include advertisements (video ads, interstitial ads and banner ads), user behavioral data collection, etc.

  • Can I configure the positioning of banner ads?

    No, banners will only appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • What are the sizes of banner ads?

    For games in portrait mode:

    • Height: 8% of the screen
    • Width: 100% of the screen

    For games in landscape mode: 

    • Height: 14% of the screen 
    • Width: 50% of the screen

  • Account Setting

  • How do I change my password?

    Please go to the sign in page and click “Forget Your Password”, beneath the “Sign In” button.

  • How do I change my account details?

    Please sign into your Dashboard and click “Account Details” where you will be able to edit your “Login Information”, “Company Details”, “Contact Details” and “Bank Information”.

  • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

    Please go to the sign in page and click “Forget Your Password”, beneath the “Sign In” button.

  • How can I become an APPTUTTi Preferred Partner?

    Becoming an APPTUTTi preferred partner is easy. Simply complete your missing account details to enjoy the benefits. Please sign into your Dashboard, click “Account Details” and fill in all of the incomplete information.

  • What is an APPTUTTi Preferred Partner?

    APPTUTTi Preferred Partners enjoy:

    - Priority Response from our support team.

    - Faster Publishing Processed for various approvals and app launches.

  • Can I let others access and operate my account?

    We allow multiple users for a single account so you can have the flexibility in having your colleagues work for you. After registration, simply log in anytime and invite other members to access your page. They will have full access to the portal except for access to your account details and monetization details to safeguard sensitive information.

  • How can I delete/cancel my account?

    For account cancellation request, please send your cancellation reason to our email: We will delete your account and your submitted games under the account name. We will inform you the result after 3 working days.
    If you need more sepecific details about account cancellation progress, please also send your question to this email. We will answer your enquire as soon as possible.

  • Others

  • How do I replace the language pack in my Unity project?

    1. Open your project in Unity

    2. Open the script which corresponds to the unity scene.

    e.g. Open demo.cs which corresponds to the demo scene. (Please open the script based on your project. demo.cs is just for reference and it may not appear in your app project.)

    3. Look for text that needs to be translated in demo.cs

    e.g. “Fast in” and “Payment” in this example are required to be translated.

    4. Open the Chinese language pack provided by us and look for the corresponding Chinese translations for “Fast in” and “Payment” and replace them in your demo.cs. Please refer to the following screenshot for an example of a final script version after you have incorporated the Chinese content.

    5. After you have replaced the script with the Chinese content, run your project again and make sure there no English words appear in your project. If there are still English words found in your project, please submit your language pack again to us for further translation.


    a. Please ensure that the language pack you submit contains all content that is required to be translated. Please do not use Google Translate or other translation tools as they may contain misleading content which could result in communication errors and incur additional costs at a later stage.

    b. If the text requiring translation does not appear in the Unity script but appears in the text file in the Unity Project, please open that text file and replace the relevant text with the corresponding Chinese translation provided in the translated language pack.

    c. If some of the language does not appear in the text file but appear in the images that are present in the project, please also include them in your language pack for translation.

  • What are AppID(s), Key(s) and PayCode(s)? What are they for?

    The ID(s), Key(s) and/or PayCode(s) for an app are generated from the respective stores in China during the submission and publishing processes. These act as the identity information for the particular app. Its features and billing points are critical to equipping the app and making it compatible with those stores in China.

    Only apps with content review completed and approved will be granted such identity information.  Without such information, the app will not be able to be published in any of those stores in China.


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