SuperSDK Integration Services

APPTUTTi’s SuperSDK Integration Services provide quick and direct ways to make your apps compatible with the Chinese market and to shorten your go-to-market duration. These services are only available for registered partners and are to be offered on a request basis.

Our scope of services includes source code study, actual SDK integration and implementation, APK testing and final publishing. Service deliverables comprise the source code with SDK integration complete and an error-free publishable version of the APK.

By ordering this service from APPTUTTi, the Partner agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions set forth in this Service Description. Services will be provided during the office hours on business days, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, unless other arrangements have been made through our project manager or technical consultant. APPTUTTi is not obligated to integrate other SDKs or Plug-ins which are not provided by APPTUTTi. This Service Description anticipates a standard integration, but certain additional and mutually agreed upon tasks may be ordered in conjunction with this Service for additional fees ("Add-On Services”).


Prior to Integration Implementation:

  • Remove all restricted materials by China from the app e.g. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Banner Ads. etc.
  • Have the app, including its app title, description, and content, translated into Simplified Chinese.
  • Submit the source code of the app after completing the above requirements.


  • Initialize the SuperSDK at the beginning of the game.
  • Enable social sharing in the game.
  • Enable billing in the game.
  • Generate APK(s) for local app stores in China.
  • Perform tests to ensure that the integration points have been performed successfully.