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APPTUTTi is a Unity Distribution Portal Partner.

We streamlined the submission process and 38% of foreign apps
in China are now published through us!

What to know before you submit your app!


Players need to understand your app. Without Simplified
Chinese they can’t play it!


Does your app have non-Chinese social media, ad channels and payment methods? Chinese app stores can't host it. We will provide local versions to localize your app for China. All foreign elements in apps must be removed to be compatible with Chinese app stores.


You don’t need a different build for different stores, just use our SuperSDK and you’re ready to go!
The SuperSDK will make your app compatible in Chinese app stores. Through the SuperSDK your app will be integrated with:

- Local advertising networks
- Local payment options
- Local social media functions


We want to help you publish as quickly as possible so we will be in contact.

Where you can find the APPTUTTi communication

Emails to your registered email address

Notifications on your partner dashboard

APTTUTTi is proud to provide developers
with the most direct and fastest path to publishing apps in China!

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