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App Submission

Ridiculously Native

Our Partner Resources Portal is built specifically to send your apps into a market of over 1 billion mobile users. Our expertise and know-how will jump-start your success in China. You are simply required to submit the details, specifications, billing points and other relevant materials for your apps, as well as upload them. Once signed up, you have access to unlimited uploads.

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Resources Download

Singularly Adaptive and Painless

To enter the huge Chinese market, you will have to equip your apps to meet a new set of local standards and expectations: local social logins/sharing, local payment tools, local banner advertisements, etc. Resources required from different stores in China may also vary. Through innovative technology, we have magically consolidated all of these standards into one single package which will considerably streamline and eliminate your efforts in having to individually integrate each feature. The versatility and capacity of our solution are unlike any other. We will set you free from all trouble, allowing you to focus solely on your creative visions.

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Management Dashboard

Profoundly Analytical

A thorough understanding of using data analytics to improve user experience and margins is essential and our live data dashboard will help you with this to maximize your success in China. You are able to monitor your app listing, upload status and activity log, visualize your apps’ performances and more importantly, to monetize your earnings at anytime.

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Integration Support

Quietly Engaging

For each app submission, you will be entitled to our free integration support service which consists of 20x free support request emails. Once you receive our email notification that your app related IDs, Keys and/or PayCodes are ready for the particular app, support for your integration will be activated.

Furthermore, our Technical Knowledge Base delivers direct and immediate resources to address your technical issues. You are advised to check the Knowledge Base first for immediate answers before contacting us, in which case an answer will be provided within 24 hours.

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Translation Services

Seamlessly Natural Language

Language is the key to interactivity for app users. We offer a free translation service for your first 1,000 words with high quality translations carried out by our team of professional translators along with contextual input from keen gamers. This ensures a natural and seamless user experience for your app.
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IP Protection Services

A Protected

Securing your digital intellectual property (IP) protection in China is critical. Government policy introduced in March 2016 on the process of digital IP registration gives our digital IP owners an assurance that China is serious about upholding the IP rights of creators. IP registration is a mandatory process for all new entrants to China.
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Integration Services

& Lightweight

Sometimes though, you might focus more on the innovation and creativity for your app and might not be able to allocate time and resources for integrating the locally required resources. To save your time to integrate or learn, our experts can take care of your app integration with those necessary resources to China, bringing you a lean and integrated Chinese mobile user-friendly app in 72 hours.  And get it listed on the top app stores in China.
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