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A quick and direct gateway to get your apps into China.
Here you'll find everything you need to equip and manage your apps.
Let your innovative apps get the utmost exposure in this 1 billion+ mobile users marketplace.

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Extending to the largest marketplace through a direct and overarching gateway.  Single stop with everything you need to equip your app.

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Get your apps to be exposed to more than one billion mobile users and published on the top stores in China.

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Here we combine everything you need to equip your apps for distribution, billing, user behavioral data, social sharing, other value added features, etc. that enhance your app capabilities in China app market.

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Important step to enable your app with a much better user experience for Chinese Mobile users. Within 48 hours to get your language pack translated.

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IP Protection

Your Innovation and Creativity are respected and well protected with strict governmental policy. We are here to manage through on this critical step.

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Save your time to learn and integrate. Just call us to get our professional service assistance to make your app ready for this huge market in a speedy way.

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Check out your app listing, upload status and activity log. Further to visualize your app performance here. More important is to monetize from here.

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A dedicated zone for you to find out the resolutions to the issues you may encounter during the integration process. Or leave a message to describe your tech issues. Our support team will respond within 24 hours.

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