Strategically Plan the Update Time for Your Apps

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Strategically Plan the Update Time for Your Apps

Once you are ahead of the first step to publish your app in China, know that you are in the world’s biggest mobile app market. In the first place, it does not even have to be up on the best app store for China because you still need to tick other boxes of requirements. What we are focusing on this article is how to plan out updates for your app. A mobile app that you developed is like a baby you gave birth to. Just how you are responsible for his well growth, similarly, you need to maintain your app so that it runs smoothly with no bugs what so ever.

How to schedule updates after you publish your app in China

There are two kinds of updates that are released. Each of them must be scheduled in a different manner. One of them is security fixes. This is something a user should not have to wait for because security comes with a price. If at any time, a user feels that the security of his data is being questioned, he might stop using your app.

Standard revisions for your app can be scheduled on quarterly basis, whenever the app owner feels the need to update the app with new features to meet the needs of a competitive market.

How to invoke users to install new updates

Do not go ahead with the idea of spamming users’ inboxes repeatedly, but use different ways to send alerts to users so that they download the new updates that you have made available for your app. With the message of update, enlist all the new features that will be added or the fixes that the developer has made on that app. It’s a useful piece of information that users must know about before they download the updates.

There are numerous app stores of China for android that let you put your changes easily with quick approval. With Apple, it takes time to get your updates approved. APPTUTTi, which is an online portal for app developers who want to get their apps in China, includes a feature of app revision for their partner apps. With all the necessary guidelines, you can easily put forward your changes and get them approved.

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Do you always have to release another version of your app?

You don’t always have to release another versions of the app that contain updates. If you are aware of Hybrid based solutions, they can update the code, which is written in JavaScript and some other native language, from the backend. Hence, you don’t need additional release of your app’s newer version. It’s a little costly but some companies for whom agility matters, do pay the price for it. It also largely depends on what kind of app you are trying to update. One negative factor that comes with it is low app performance. To improve this, Facebook launched React Native that again allows code to be updated remotely and at the same time, maintains app performance.

Your app can be added on the best app stores for China if not only you publish a good app but keep updating it regularly following right strategy and schedule.

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