05 Dec
Ads Monetization Featured
The Case for Ads Monetization
Category: Blog, Business, Featured
We have been receiving many inquiries on why ads monetization may be a better solution than in-app purchases for the Chinese market. This article argues that this is due to a cu...
28 Nov
Bots Featured Article
Bots role in today’s world
Category: Blog, Business
All you need to know about bots role in today’s world  Crunching numbers for balance sheets, promoting a new product or service or responding to customer queries – th...
20 Nov
Cloud Gaming Featured
Cloud Gaming – The Next Big Thing
Category: Blog, News
  Just as streaming services have disrupted the film and television industry, the gaming industry is set to follow suit with cloud gaming, where streaming becomes the alter...
14 Nov
Featured Picture Minigames
Mini Programs or Mini Games?
Category: Blog, Business, Featured
It is no surprise that China has its own unique mobile ecosystem but with this comes a unique set of terminology to explain it all. Mini programs and mini games are downloadable...
12 Oct
Unity Featured Pic
An introduction to Unity and how the UDP can solve your publication concerns in China.
Category: Blog, Featured, News
  With more than 50% of all new mobile games developed with Unity, let’s take a look behind the success of their gaming empire. We will go through the gaming solutions and ...
11 Oct
Featured Streaming_Монтажная область 298
Streaming Services in China
Category: Blog, Business
Video and audio streaming services are important platforms that studios, record labels, independent creatives and influencers use to reach as many viewers and listeners as possi...
11 Oct
Migu Featured Picture
APPTUTTi’s 5G Cloud Gaming Partnership with Migu
Category: Blog, News
As one of China Mobile’s strategic partners, APPTUTTi is pleased to announce its new partnership with Migu Gaming, a subsidiary of the state-owned telecommunications company. Th...
19 Sep
Crazy and funny face of Asian man addicted to play mobile game.
Why China is Desperate for International Games
Category: Blog, Business
  China has seen an enormous influx of Western values in recent years while rising through a globalized world. Businesses all want to tap into the Chinese market, home to t...
16 Sep
4 Steps to Launch Your Games in China
Category: Blog, News
So you have been pouring your creative juices for hours into developing your game and it is finally time to release it into the world to thrive and mature. You know that interna...
12 Sep
Unity AnnouncementsArtboard 2 copy 2
APPTUTTi Becomes the Newest Unity Distribution Portal Partner, Providing Mobile Game Developers Access to Chinese App Stores
Category: Blog, Business, News
HONG KONG, China – September 12th, 2019 APPTUTTi today announced it has become the newest store on the Unity Technologies Unity Distribution Portal (UDP). APPTUTTi is the ...
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