16 Apr
Localize Tips China Featured
Localization Tips for China
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China has a unique mobile ecosystem. It runs on its own set of rules. International developers will therefore need to play by those rules to increase the chance of exposure and ...
23 Mar
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How Coronavirus Has Infected Mobile App Stores 
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So far 2020 has been dominated by news headlines about Coronavirus. The tragic outbreak has affected all areas of society not just world health; travel, equation, the economy ha...
05 Mar
Chinese Appstores Featured 2
Chinese app stores join forces to take on Google
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Major players in the Chinese app market are joining forces to take on the almighty Google Play store. Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are reported to launch the Global Developer Service A...
27 Feb
ISBN Featured Pic
What are the gaming regulations in China? (2020)
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Heading into 2020, let’s refresh our understanding of the latest regulations that China imposes on games. History Prior to March 21, 2018, the primary regulators for China’s onl...
27 Feb
Apple vs Android Featured-01
China: Android vs iOS
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As we bring on a new decade, let’s remind ourselves of just how important the Android market is in China. Figures from November 2019 show how a meager 16% market share for Apple...
05 Dec
Ads Monetization Featured
The Case for Ads Monetization
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We have been receiving many inquiries on why ads monetization may be a better solution than in-app purchases for the Chinese market. This article argues that this is due to a cu...
28 Nov
Bots Featured Article
Bots role in today’s world
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All you need to know about bots role in today’s world  Crunching numbers for balance sheets, promoting a new product or service or responding to customer queries – th...
20 Nov
Cloud Gaming Featured
Cloud Gaming – The Next Big Thing
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  Just as streaming services have disrupted the film and television industry, the gaming industry is set to follow suit with cloud gaming, where streaming becomes the alter...
14 Nov
Featured Picture Minigames
Mini Programs or Mini Games?
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It is no surprise that China has its own unique mobile ecosystem but with this comes a unique set of terminology to explain it all. Mini programs and mini games are downloadable...
12 Oct
Unity Featured Pic
An introduction to Unity and how the UDP can solve your publication concerns in China.
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  With more than 50% of all new mobile games developed with Unity, let’s take a look behind the success of their gaming empire. We will go through the gaming solutions and ...