Just 4 Steps
To Publish Your App/Game in China & Unexplored Markets


To register with your company information and provide your official documents.

To provide the App APK package with the App registration form filled that you are going to publish.

To plug in our SDK(s) for various integrations with the AppID and AppKey provided by us.

To resend us the updated App APK package for final upload. Once the approval process is completed, we will publish your Apps/Games on the shelf shortly.

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Why choose us?

There are more than 1,000,000,000 mobile users in China, 3 times of American subscribers and definitely the world largest subscriber base. Add to it the unexplored markets and you can reach the biggest user base in the world.
It's very easy for subscribers to make payment for mobile transactions. WeChat, AliPay, etc. are all ready among the mobile users in China. Our portal will also enable you to earn from unexplored markets.
Securing your digital intellectual property (IP) protection in China is always critical. The IP registration services are available on our portal for your one stop shop.
No worry to transmit your money even if its generated in China. All the money will be transmitted from Hong Kong.
You will be having the best support and services from us in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. We know what you need because we know you well.



Register Once & Upload Unlimited Mobile Apps/Games.


Our Self-Service Portal provides you a quick and direct gateway to get your apps/games into China & Unexplored Markets.Everything you need to modify and manage your apps/games is available on our Partners Resource Portal. Let your creative apps/games get into this 800 million+ mobile users marketplace.

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Publish Your App in China

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